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Consumer counting price per litreThis happens so often! - You are shopping for cooking oil, and you have to choose one of three bottles: 200ml for $5.50; 750ml for $17.95; or 1200ml for $27.99. Which bottle will contain the most oil for your money, and how to calculate the Price per Litre? Puzzled? The correct choice is 1200ml for $27.99.

It is easy to overspend simply by selecting the wrong bottle size. Use on your smartphone and save money!

How to calculate the price per litre?

Now, you can easily compute the price per litre! - (Price Per Litre) is a mobile-enabled, user-friendly website app, where you can make free cost comparisons on-the-fly.
For each item, enter the name or brand (this step is optional), volume in millilitres, litres (or US measures), and price in dollars, Calculate... and voilà! You have the cost per litre of the bottle. Compare up to 5 items at a time. Not counting in litres? - see other units.

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Be a clever consumer! Before choosing which bottle to purchase find out the price per litre first.

Price $ .or £, €, ¥ etc.
e.g. $ 299
Price per litre Cost per litre:
"Calculate" to find out

You have bought 9floz of soft drink. How much is that per litre? - Use to find out.

Price $ .or £, €, ¥ etc.
e.g. $ 299
Price per litre Cost per litre:
"Calculate" to find out
Manufacturers may manipulate bottle or can sizes: use on your smartphone to check the best value right on location

Price $ .or £, €, ¥ etc.
e.g. $ 299
Price per litre Cost per litre:
"Calculate" to find out
How to calculate the price per litre?
Is a large drink always more advantageous per Litre than a small one? Is a bottle cheaper than a can? - Verify it on

Price $ .or £, €, ¥ etc.
e.g. $ 299
Price per litre Cost per litre:
"Calculate" to find out
Save money with our free calculator
Savvy consumers use on their Android, iPhone or iPad, and save costs by choosing the best value per litre

Price $ .or £, €, ¥ etc.
e.g. $ 299
Price per litre Cost per litre:
"Calculate" to find out
Get more litres for the money
Liquid packaging of various shapes and sizes confuses the consumer. Use our calculator to find the cheapest per litre.


How to count the Cost Per Litre of goods sold by volume? - is a web app for comparing the cost per litre or price per litre of liquids and fluids. The cost comparison tool is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. You can access the app using desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets or mobile devices to get the Cost Per Litre or Price Per Litre. By entering item or brand (optional), volume in millilitres, and price information in the respective fields, you can compute the cost per litre. It works for water, milk, cream, soups, juice, sodas, beer, wine, liquid detergents, fuels, paints, and anything sold by volume.
This site guarantees the privacy of your input. The data you enter actually never leaves your phone, tablet or PC. The scripts used on this site make your device compute the values internally.

Do you know why drinks and other liquids and fluids are sold in such a large variety of bottles, containers, jars or cans? - The varied shapes and sizes of their packaging have been designed not only to be pretty, but also sometimes to deceive you on the actual volume contained. Be careful! - Use to calculate exactly the real value per litre. Even the toughest advertising regulations will not protect you from misleading packaging of liquids.
You can enter integers and decimals in millilitres, litres or US fields. The calculator converts them into litres and adds them up automatically. If a value is zero, just skip the field.

Example 1: - You have a 600ml bottle of lemonade costing 99 cents and want to know the price per litre. Enter "600" in "ml", enter "99" in "¢¢", Calculate... and the cost per litre is displayed.

Example 2: - You want to buy a can containing 3.75 litres of paint. It costs $19.99. How much per litre does that work out? - First, point your mouse to "ml" and select the "L" dropdown. At "write litres here" type "3". At the decimal value "000" write "75". At "$$$" write 19. And at "¢¢" write "99". Calculate to compute the cost per litre.
Example 3: - The sticker on the bottle of fluid says that it contains 1 qt 2 fl.oz. The bottle costs $12. How to calculate the price per litre? - Point your mouse or tap on "ml", and select "US". Fill out the volume fields with the US units provided. The calculator automatically converts them in litres. Then simply Calculate and see the result.

Example 4: - You are from Australia and are travelling in the USA. If 1 gallon of fuel costs $3.97, how much is that per litre? - Select "US" instead of "ml" in the drop-down list, type "1" at "gal", type "3" at "$$$" and "97 at "¢¢". Then Calculate and you'll see the fuel price per litre.
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